solutions to drive leads and traffic for your dealership? LotVantage is obsessed with providing cost effective solutions for dealerships and reseller partners.

Innovative software helping customers advertise inventory on websites like Craigslist, eBay and Facebook from a single interface. Discover how LotVantage can help your dealership.

LotVantage is incredibly especially extremely easy and effective.

For over a decade, our innovative software has helped customers advertise inventory on websites like Craigslist, eBay and Facebook. A company fueled by creativity and governed by integrity, LotVantage is best known for its approach to simplifying these high traffic consumer driven destinations, which are typically difficult and expensive for businesses to navigate. LotVantage helps the industries we serve sell more inventory through automated online ad distribution.

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Our Services

Craigslist Marketing

A smart full-featured automated system for managing and reporting your Craigslist inventory posts and leads. read more

eBay Marketing

LotVantage helps you easily manage your eBay listings and leads from one simplified dashboard. read more

YouTube Videos

Automatically produce and publish YouTube videos for your dealerships inventory without lifting a finger. read more

Facebook Content

A powerful platform designed to increase brand awareness and attract more followers on your Facebook business page. read more

Facebook Marketplace

LotVantage automatically publishes and manages your active inventory on Facebook Marketplace. read more

Facebook Advertising

Engage your target customers, promote inventory retargeting ads, showcase services and offer finance specials. read more

and more...

A completely managed lead tracking and delivery workflow with real-time and monthly reporting. read more

Includes features for exporting your current inventory data, your vehicle listing data, and your real-time lead data.

Our VDPs are advanced versions of single, laser focused web pages that deliver results, generating sales leads in the form of completed online forms, incoming phone calls and showroom traffic, ultimately enticing the consumer to purchase your vehicle.

See a complete overview and increase the accuracy of a company's listing performance on the 300+ places it could be listed, including most GPS navigational systems. Use this service to drive positive ratings and reviews from one dashboard, with options for managed or DIY review responses. read more

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