We help brands and retailers create customers

through the curation & distribution of ThumbStopper content, inventory and advertising.


Building Communities Around Quality Content

Branded content is content that does not involve traditional advertising. It can include articles, videos, pictures, podcasts, and even lifestyle elements that bring relevant value to the consumer. LotVantage calls this content "ThumbStopper™" Content. It is not advertising in the way most people think of advertising (commercials, radio, banner ads, social media ads, etc.). The key is grabbing the attention of today's consumer and driving real engagement through brand content.

We've created millions of customers for some of the largest manufacturers and retailers
across multiple industries.

  • Thumbstopper Partner with Kawasaki
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Yamaha Watercraft
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Polaris
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Indian Motorcycles
  • Thumbstopper Partner With MarineMax
  • Thumbstopper Partner with RevGroup
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Renegade RV
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Monaco
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Holiday Rambler
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Fleetwood RV
  • Thumbstopper Partner with American Coach
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Centurion
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Supreme
  • Thumbstopper Partner with Boats Group
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We aren't JUST the best software, we're also the Agency Glue

We are obsessed with making the connection between your brand's digital assets, inventory, your retailers social media pages AND your target customers. LotVantage software is designed to take into consideration that every brand's product and retailer are unique but the critical point is the connection with the Customer.

LotVantage's software and processes identify geography, demand and product uniqueness to ensure the engagement with your specific target customer. We also have a proven process ensuring connectivity to your retailers social media and advertising channels to make implementation easy.

LotVantage does the work for you = in the first 30 days of a recent manufacturer engagement, we onboarded 500+ of their dealers!

The Digital Footprint is changing and market share is evolving because of it. Leverage the Power of LotVantage.

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