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Solutions to complex problems through the use of our proprietary software and automation for manufacturers and retailers.

Social Media Get ThumbStopper™
Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users

Manufacturers/Franchises - Make sure you have a presence on your Dealerships/retailers fan pages with our "Brand Manager":

Your brand is only as strong as your retailers selling your products. The LotVantage Brand Manager "ThumbStopper™" Software ensures that your brand message is automated across your retailers social media pages with your images, videos and hashtags for a consistent message making your retailer's life easier on what to post and when.

Dealer/Retailer - Consumers are landing on your Social Pages, so ensure you have engaging content with our "Presence Package":

One powerful platform to automate your social media content, Leverage thousands of industry specific, consumer facing reviews and lifestyle content from top publications and OEM news. Ability to customize your message and schedule future posts from your dashboard.




Business Listings & Reputation Management Get

Business Listings
73% of consumers lose trust in brands due to innacurate business listings

See a complete overview and increase the accuracy of a company's listing performance on the 300+ places it could be listed, including most GPS navigational systems. The service also provides a listing score and suggestions for improvements to bring a low rating up to the highest score.

Reputation Management
88% of shoppers incorporate online reviews into their buying decisions

Use this tool to drive positive ratings and reviews from one dashboard, with options for managed or DIY review responses. Be able to respond proactively to solicit positive reviews from your customers to increase your reputation. This feature is supported for all major review sites.

Social Advertising Get
On average, people spend more than 50 minutes per day on Facebook

Let our expert team of social media advertisers craft Facebook campaigns that reach your audience where they spend the majority of their time. Leveraging audience targeting of ideal demographics, interests, and behaviors, with ThumbStopper™ content to reach your prospects for lead opportunities, inventory retargeting, service, and finance specials.

Inventory Marketing Get
Inventory Syndication & Video

LotVantage software and services enable manufacturers and retailers to curate, modify and share content and also sell inventory across social and classified online channels. We offer a suite of classified, social media, video marketing and other software apps and services. These apps can be deployed one at a time or in parallel with each other depending on the type of customer, budget and digital strategy. Typically these types of campaigns are laborious and that's where LotVantage apps come in. LotVantage focuses it's apps on minimal user interaction to complete the task of managing content and inventory sources via multiple third party marketplaces.

These Third Party Marketplaces have continued to pave the way for businesses to leverage what is widely considered "High-Traffic & Low-Cost" advertising destinations. Classified marketing sites like Craigslist and eBay have laid the foundation for exposure on a Local and National level for inventory, while sites like YouTube have made it possible to have a video presence at a very low cost. Video has also changed buying habits and helped revolutionize search engine exposure with being a Google owned property. Social Media sites have changed the way consumers spend their time, share ideas, get recommendations and shop for products. LotVantage has been serving manufacturers, franchises and their retailers across multiple industries for over a dozen years. LotVantage software is available at a low cost and virtually hands free. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

Communication & Leads Get

Phone Calls

We assign a local call tracking number to each business. Every ad has a unique extension number to track results for that ad and the source of the lead.

SMS Text

Customers can text questions or inquire after hours. This technology is increasing lead volume for our customers by an average of 30%.


Customers can use the "reply to" option on the ad and email the business directly.

Landing Page

Click traffic is routed to a customized landing page for that respective advertisement.